Shit happened some days back. Fuck terrorism and fuck systems that brainwash people.

My school is near lower Manhattan and I often walk around the bike path near the World Trade Center where the terror attack happened.

Maybe me writing about this will just trivialise the horror that went down. There is no way I can imagine a loss of someone who I would have expected home in the evening or feel being run over on a day when the City is coloured with parades and celebrations.

But I need to share that soon after the news broke I was prompted by some genuinely concerned people to shave off my beard and not carry the “danger look” and avoid pulling any trouble. I understand where their worry stems but my answer to them is-I love you guys and no I won’t (till I am bored with it).

This City, sometimes is tough to live, lonely, expensive and strange.

However this City is resilient, it does not only move on, it also bonds stronger.  I could not stop myself from sharing this sensitive conversation between my classmates after the attack happened.

Later that night the Halloween parade happened, people gave a big fuck-you to violence and terrorism, people did not surrender.

This is the reason I moved here, to absorb this City’s resilience, strength, and forwardness.

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